Description taken from PC version of this game

1602 A.D. is set in the year 1602. The Old World is a bleak place -- cities are overcrowded, and poverty and starvation abound. You and a small band of voyagers set sail to discover new territories and, hopefully, a new life. You will join the ranks of explorers and pioneers in colonizing new cities, juggling the demands of diplomacy, developing industry, setting up trade routes, and engaging in warfare to save your new civilization.

1602 A.D. utilizes empire-building skills while defense of your lands and warfare are carried out through real-time land and sea battles. Victory can be achieved in many ways, including through the use of trade and diplomacy, by reaching civilization milestones, and even by conquering all other opponents.

Your goal in this New World is to build the civilization of your dreams. Discover, build, settle, trade, and defend your territory -- this is the challenge ahead of you!

The game offers real-time land and sea battles, 700 unique islands to explore, more than 90 different building types, and over 30 trades. The single-player mode has seven campaigns, continuous play, or over 40 scenarios with preset missions. Five tutorial games give you the chance to test your skills before you set out on the actual adventure. Multiplayer mode allows up to four people per network or two players via modem and includes over 30 multiplayer scenarios.

Developed by German developer/publisher Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software and developer MAX DESIGN, and published in the United States by publisher GT Interactive Software, 1602 A.D. presents a unique blend of classic empire-building and 3D real-time strategy.

The game (known as Anno 1602: Creation of a New World) and its expansion (Anno 1602: New Islands, New Adventures) were published in Germany and the United Kingdom in 1998 and have sold over one million copies worldwide. 1602 A.D. incorporates the original game, the expansion pack, a map and scenario editor, 25 new single-player missions, multiplayer scenarios, new structures to build, new islands to explore, an upgraded artificial intelligence, and much more. ~ Tara Hernandez, All Game Guide