In A Boy and His Blob, players take the role of a young hero out to save an entire planet, with the help of an amorphous, alien ally and a pocketful of jellybeans. To help his new friend Blobert, an adventuresome little blob who came to Earth on a desperate mission, the boy has travels to the world of Blobonia, to defeat an evil emperor who has seized the throne. As in the classic 1990 Nintendo Entertainment System original, jellybeans of different flavors allow the blob to transform into different useful items, such as a ladder, a trampoline, a shield, an anvil, a parachute, and even a portable hole. These items allow the boy to make his way through 40 multi-tiered, side-scrolling platform levels, full of both dangers and treasures. More than a dozen flavor-based transformations are available, including all the jellybean types featured in the NES original as well as several new flavors. The Wii remake features hand-drawn characters and backgrounds, giving the game the appearance of an animated feature film. A Boy and His Blob was designed by veteran developer WayForward Technologies, creator of many character-driven games for Game Boy and Nintendo DS, as well as the WiiWare game, Lit. ~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide