After Dark by Berkeley Systems is a screensaver used to prevent burn-out on your computer monitor. But it isn't just one pattern or module. There are many, so you can customize your screensaver to fit your personality.

Starry Night is the first module, and the one most people use, showing skyscrapers with a star-filled sky as background. There is also Clock, which shows a clock face drifting around the screen, and Hard Rain, which shows falling raindrops and spreading ripples at the bottom of the screen, and many more.

Just about all of these modules contain sound for a full multimedia experience. Who can forget Flying Toasters, with winged 1950s chrome toasters flying by with slices of toasted bread; or Fish, which puts you at the bottom of a pond or fish tank, watching the denizens floating calmly by? You can also run two modules at once, thanks to the innovative multi-module. ~ Lisa Karen Savignano, All Game Guide