Description taken from PC version of this game

Inspired by the works of Horror and Science Fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft, the designers of Alone in the Dark have created a third-person 3D action adventure designed to immerse players in the game and scare them to death. As a male or female character, players investigate a mysterious and crumbling old mansion filled with tricks, traps, and creatures from their worst nightmares. Searching the mansion for clues yields weapons, useful items, and the keys to solving the mystery behind some menacing supernatural activity.

Movement and combat involve punching, kicking, slashing, or shooting your way out of trouble. Death comes in many forms, with monsters and the undead infesting mansion grounds and deadly traps waiting to snare the unwary. This game's extremely spooky atmosphere draws players into an enjoyable, if frightening, experience. Alone in the Dark is a challenging title that may take players upward of thirty hours to complete. ~ Scott Steinberg, All Game Guide