Developed under the guidance of the U.S. Army, America's Army: True Soldiers is a first-person shooter featuring authentic weapons, equipment, vehicles, and scenarios encountered in modern-day ground combat. Players begin by creating a soldier and advancing through a series of nine skill-based training exercises in various weapon types. While there is an eight-mission single-player mode, the focus of True Soldiers is on multiplayer competition across an assortment of customizable game types.

Up to 16 players can be deployed on one of eight maps in a choice of roles: grenadier, sniper, rifleman, automatic rifleman, and squad leader. The latter role is assigned to the individual who receives the most honor points in battle. Honor points are also used to enhance a custom soldier's attributes in five key areas: marksmanship, physical training, fortitude, medic, and valor. To encourage teamwork and camaraderie, True Soldiers features clan support for custom unit names, mottos, logos, and more. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide