You've played basketball. Now play basketbrawl. Arch Rivals is basketball the way you wish you could play -- with no rules. Arch Rivals has the sights of normal basketball: two colorful teams, cheerleaders, an energetic coach, a crowd, and even an ad banner for British Knights (the athletic footwear company), but doesn't have fouls So go ahead and punch that other guy in the face (the bungling referee can't see, and oftentimes gets in the way of the players). Match-ups are two-on-two, and you can pick which of the eight available players you would like on your team. Player abilities vary in terms of fighting, rebounding, quickness, range, and ball handling. As long as they can throw a good punch (and maybe even run, jump, and shoot), you should be all right, whichever players you choose. Options include preprogrammed team names and uniform colors. Games are four quarters long, each quarter lasting three minutes. ~ Brett Alan Weiss, All Game Guide