Astro Invader is a 1980 space shooter from Stern Electronics, the same folks who developed classic arcade shooters like Berzerk and Frenzy. In this one, you pilot a ship capable of side-to-side movement while under attack from a hostile group of aliens. A mother ship drops 200 alien ships into ten columns at the top of the screen. A column is at its capacity when clogged with four alien ships. Therefore, any additional aliens dropped into that column forces the bottom ship to hurl toward earth. Use a laser cannon to destroy these alien ships before they hit the ground, or, at the very least, get far enough away from their impact point to avoid their explosion. Occasionally, large ships will drop from the right, left, or center of the screen, so be sure to shoot these larger ships before they hit the ground or they destroy your ship. Once you have destroyed (or evaded) all 200 alien ships, the mother ship returns with 200 more aliens and the game's speed increases. Players get three ships to begin and when all three are destroyed, the game is over. Astro Invader features a three-color layout: red at the top, white in the middle, and green on the bottom. Two players can play Astro Invader in alternating turns. ~ Anthony Baize, All Game Guide