Description taken from Xbox version of this game

In this third-person adventure title developed by Adrenium, players assume the role of Azurik, a young Lore Guardian who is tasked with restoring Perathia's elemental discs -- the source of the land's power. Shattered by the evil lord Balthazar, the discs will have to be reacquired before Azurik can stand up against the power of Balthazar. And so your journey begins.

Central to the title's puzzle and combat systems is the acquisition and use of the aforementioned elemental powers. Known as the Axion, Azurik's double-bladed melee weapon, it serves as his primary means of attack, and can be infused with any combination of elements in his possession. These elements can then be used to easily dispatch enemies with a different elemental affinity. Fire enemies for instance, can be vanquished with a water or ice attack. Certain combinations will even create a shield to protect Azurik.

Many of the game's puzzles require similar application, focusing on the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, which incidentally, are mapped to the corresponding colored buttons on the Xbox controller. By pressing the blue button, the water element will be invoked, and so on. Traversing the six massive realms of Perathia will require Azurik to fight off swarms of enemies, as well as perform death-defying platform jumps. As time passes in the world, changing from day to night, so do the worlds and the threats they pose. Things are usually not what they appear to be during the night. ~ Gavin Frankle, All Game Guide