The episodic specialists at Telltale Games turn their attention to Universal Studios's playful and iconic time-travelling series in the classically styled point-and-click adventure Back to the Future: The Game. Set six months after the conclusion of the original movie storyline, players take control of Marty McFly as he and his friend Doctor Emmett "Doc" Brown once again navigate the complex minefield that is time travel, all while trying to maintain personal relationships and fend off the malevolent Tannen family. Things come to a head in Episode 5: "Outatime" as Marty and the Doc Brown from the totalitarian "Citizen Brown" timeline head back to the 1930s to deter the young Emmett from ever pursuing science. But as always, fooling with the past produces unforeseen consequences, and when the duo head to an alternate future in 2011, they discover a technologically backward Hill Valley run by Biff Tannen himself. ~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide