Ubisoft's Battle of Giants series claws its way into the third dimension with a new name but more of the same adventure, fighting, and dino-info in Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D. The game begins after a series of cataclysmic events portend a coming extinction event, and in the ensuing chaos, an evil Arkosaurus seizes control. Players must then go on a quest to regain power, choosing from more than 15 dinosaurs split into four groups: Hunters, starring Tyrannosaurus; Predators, including Velociraptor; Defenders, featuring Stegosaurus; and Chargers, led by Triceratops. Gamers can then customize the look of their creature and use the Circle Pad to guide it through linear environments, smashing rocks and bones, and engaging in one-on-one fights with combative dinosaurs to earn items, statistical bonuses, and dinosaur information. Dinosaurs 3D makes use of the 3DS's StreetPass feature by allowing dinos from one player's system to battle creatures from another handheld. Players can't take control of these battles, but they do earn more items and bonuses for winning. ~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide