Battlecruiser 3000 A.D. V2.0 is a simulation that incorporates tactics, strategy, and combat into one cohesive whole. As the commander of a Battlecruiser, you are responsible for completing the missions assigned to you by your home organization Galcom, and for the lives and equipment under your command. It's up to you alone to guide your crew to victory in a living, dynamic universe where thirteen alien races can become friends or enemies overnight. Which means the same missions can end up differently due to constantly changing conditions. You won't be alone in the universe, however. Your Battlecruiser is fully stocked with support personnel, including medics, engineers, marines, pilots, and so on, along with several support craft including fighters, shuttles, and all-terrain vehicles so your ship can adapt to almost any situation the Galcom throws at you. So if the idea of exploring a universe of twenty-five fully modeled star systems, seventy-five planets and one-hundred-forty-five moons is intriguing, then Battlecruiser 3000 A.D. V2.0 may appeal to you. Take the Captain's chair and strap in for adventure, because the universe won't sit back and wait for you. ~ Brian Rubin, All Game Guide