Bonanza Bros. is different than most games in that players take on the role of the crook rather than the hero. You play as one of the two brothers, either Robo or Mobo. They have been hired to steal loot from a variety of places; such as a bank, mansion, mint, and casino. Levels are viewed from the side as users go left and right as well as up and down staircases. Loot is not hidden and can be seen easily as it usually has some sort of flashing light on it. In between levels there are also bonus rounds where players must grab as much loot as they can without letting the roaming cross hairs get them in their sites.

Enemies, who are spread throughout the levels, consist of law enforcement officers. They vary depending on the level; some of them include security officers, police officers, and police officers wearing riot gear. Both characters have the ability to jump and to shoot. Their gun will not eliminate an enemy but will stun them for a short amount of time. Enemies such as the officers in riot gear can block the bullets with their shields.

At the options screen a number of items can be adjusted. Here players can set the number of lives to begin with, choose the number of continues, select their character, and change the level time limits. ~ Jonathan Sutyak, All Game Guide