Breakers is a 2D fighting game that brings two new ideas to the fighting genre, although they have nothing to do with the fighting system itself. Players have a selection of eight playable characters. During the game, the player's character will have to fight all eight of the game's characters. When the player's character is matched up against his or her twin, the twin undergoes name change as well as a costume change. Sho becomes Jin, Dao-Long becomes Liu-Khai, and so forth. It doesn't affect the gameplay because they're still the same characters.

The second new idea is the character dizzy animation. When characters are stunned they'll show a normal dizzy animation, but they also have several ghostly images of themselves surrounding them. Like the name change, this has no real effect on gameplay.

Besides the dizzy ghosts and name changing, Breakers plays like a standard Capcom-inspired 2D fighting game. Each character has a series of special techniques. When characters attack, they charge up their super meter. The super meter can be charged up to a maximum of three levels; when it's charged past the first level, characters can use their super attacks. Each super drains the character's super meter. If the character lets the super meter charge up to the third level without using it, all of his or her attacks get more powerful. Characters also have access to several combo attacks, guard breaks and taunts. ~ Kyle Knight, All Game Guide