In the beginning, there was a race of beings who had the power to change into powerful dragons. The Dragon Family lived in peaceful harmony, until the Goddess Tyr appeared. Promising to grant their wishes, the separate clans of the Dragon Family started fighting amongst each other, hoping for the power the Goddess had to offer.

One clan, the Light Dragons, realized that something was amiss and sent a warrior to stop the evils. He was victorious and sealed the Goddess into six keys and spread them across the land. The world recovered from the catastrophic battles, and the Light Dragons grew soft. With this softening, they lost most of their powers and lived as men, but the Dark Dragons were biding their time. Soon a leader rose among the Dark Dragons, named Zog. He set out to destroy the Light Dragons and take the Goddess Keys, and resurrect the evil Goddess. Your journey begins with the destruction of your village. . . ~ Chris Cuson, All Game Guide