Deep in the Enchanted Forest lives the Centipede and its evil comrades Flea, Spider and Scorpion. Now you're trapped with them, stuck in a mushroom patch and armed with three magic wands which can dispel the creatures. The only problem is that Centipede becomes segmented every time you hit it, Flea drops more mushrooms into the playing field and requires two hits to destroy, Scorpion turns every mushroom it touches poisonous, and Spider dances around you, making it harder to kill.

Centipede is for one or two players on the Nintendo Game Boy Color. Two players can take turns on a single Game Boy or they can use the link cable to compete against each other or play as a team. There are four levels of difficulty: novice starts you off slow; standard starts you at wave 10; advanced drops you into the action at wave 19; and expert begins with wave 28.

Points are scored for each creature or mushroom destroyed, with differences based on how much of each mushroom you destroy, whether you hit a boy part or a head of Centipede and how close you are to Spider when you kill it. Every 12,000 points gains you an extra wand.

You can enter your initials into the High Score list after the game if you've performed well enough, but the game pak does not retain the information after you switch off your Game Boy. ~ Brad Cook, All Game Guide