Chi Chi's Pro Challenge Golf features a different interface than most games in the genre. Instead of using the traditional "triple click" method of swinging a club, players only have to worry about setting the power. First select a club, adjust your aim by glancing at the overhead map, determine the point of impact by positioning cross-hairs on a ball icon, and press a button to begin the power meter. When the meter rises to the preferred level of power, press the button once and you'll carry out the shot. The game includes two fantasy courses (U.S. and Japan) with scrolling clouds and various water and sand hazards.

The four modes of play consist of Stroke, Match, Handicap and Tournament, with the latter pitting you against 23 computer players for the "Virgin Cup." Each opponent differs in play style (careful, balanced or aggressive) and ability (control, approach and putting). It should be noted that the game is played primarily from a window, with a green border framing the screen, and a view directly behind the golfer. Each step of the swing process will appear within smaller windows until you're ready to complete the shot.

The perspective will then switch to an overhead view as the ball flies through the air. Chi Chi's Pro Challenge Golf supports a password save allowing players to resume their tournaments at a later time, but the lack of a battery means statistics cannot be tracked. The game is endorsed by PGA Hall of Famer Juan "Chi-Chi" Rodriguez, known for his Panama hat and his tendency to slash his putter through the air (like a sword) whenever he finishes a hole under par. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide