Civilization: Call to Power is a follow-on title to its highly successful predecessors, Civilization and Civilization II. The game approaches history on a very large scale, covering 7,000 years from approximately 4,000 BC to 3,000 AD. In this turn-based strategy world-builder, the player leads his or her civilization to power using nearly all aspects of global history from mankind's earliest technology to futuristic advances.

New features in Civilization: Call to Power include the capability to build both undersea and orbital space-based contingents and expand military might to wage unconventional warfare by using economics, propaganda, biological and religious aspects of war. The player can also choose from a vast array of historically based tactics and strategies from the beginning of the human experience.

The game contains more than 65 detailed units, an arsenal of weaponry ranging from civilization's earliest crude tools of war to those honed with space-age capabilities and a vast technology tree with more than 90 advances. New units, buildings, technologies, Wonders of the World, diplomacy, trade options and more complement the basic resource management techniques needed to forge strong civilizations from primitive roots.

Civilization: Call to Power supports multi-player interaction on both the Internet and local area networks. Winning can be accomplished in three separate ways based on player customization: bloodlust (capturing every foreign city on the map), alien life project (synthesizing an alien being through advances in technology) or high score (surviving until the year 3,000 AD). Other player customizable options include random or historical maps, forty-one historical civilizations from which to choose, world size (small, regular, huge or gigantic), world shape, special rules (pollution, barbarian threat, etc.), world terrain features (proportionate levels of oceans, lands, mountains, humidity, temperatures, resource seeding) and up to eight opponents.

Gameplay relies on a simple point-and-click interface with on-screen help and a comprehensive in-game tutorial is available (recommended). Multiple resolutions are supported as well as custom choices to optimize game speed. All units are fully animated with Windows 32-bit drivers for the CD-ROM drive, sound cards, video card and input devices is highly recommended. ~ Michael L. House, All Game Guide