SSI, Inc.'s development of Clash of Steel is one the most ambitious projects ever created for war game enthusiasts. This gigantic game covers nearly every aspect of the entire European Theater during World War II and runs from 1939 through the year the war ended, 1945. You are thrust into the position of Supreme Commander of either the Axis or Allied military forces and have complete control over every aspect of the vast war machines that ruled the skies, seas and land and held Europe in it's grip for half a decade. The gaming area encompasses vast distances ranging from Ireland to Russia and the Scandinavian countries to South Africa. Your responsibilities as the head honcho will cover a full range of decisions impacting on land, air and sea military forces as well as political and economic strategies that can have far reaching consequences on your overall leadership ability during the many campaigns and clashes. In this turn-based war game, every turn is the equivalent of two real time months that are broken down into manageable segments where concentration focuses on battle and other actions. ~ Michael L. House, All Game Guide