Conquered Kingdoms is a fantasy world filled with wizards, dragons, ogres, gargoyles, trolls and phantoms as well as normal units made up of lancers, archers, cavalry, spies, knights and much more. The game can be played by two people by e-mail or modem or solo against the computer. Similar in some ways to their game The Lost Admiral, designers Zaccagnino and Searfross have created a fairly complex turn-based game of conquest (towns and land) wherein your forces come in various units, each with unique properties and attributes. The game can be played in Basic mode as a normal world conquest (without any of the fantasy entities) or in Advanced mode replete with the fantasy creatures and their specialized abilities. Conquered Kingdoms has a huge number of difficulty levels to choose from (21) and the option to select short, normal or long games. Game play consists of acquiring and managing resources for (military) unit production, occupying enemy castles, defending your territories, land grabbing and plenty of combat with a specific order of battle imposed. The interface is a simple point-and-click mouse exercise for character movement and relies on menu selections for administrative actions. Nine distinct pre-set maps (9) plus a random map option are available at start-up as is the selection of starting locations. Both scenario and campaign modes are available along with a special tournament mode called Cascatia which is basically a land-grab operation ranging in size from sixteen to 120 counties. ~ Michael L. House, All Game Guide