The battlefield of the future has arrived with Dark Reign 2, the sequel to 1997's sci-fi real-time strategy game. Taking place in the 26th century, the game follows the epic battle between the Jovian Detention Authority (JDA) and the Sprawlers. While the noble JDA police force seeks to quell the fires of anarchy on the once peaceful planet, the dastardly Sprawlers are resisting and mounting attacks of their own. Each playable faction possesses varying strengths and weaknesses in a campaign spanning 20 missions.

While combat is shown from a traditional overhead perspective, the new 3D engine lets you view the action up close or from multiple angles. To be successful, you must build structures and vehicles to fend off attacks and thwart the enemy's advances. Refineries help process minerals found on the battlefield so you can pay for your expenses. Building a precinct lets you train soldiers and warriors, while perimeter fencing and sentry guns help defend your base. Multiplayer gaming is available via LAN or TCP/IP connection, supporting up to eight players in multiple modes. Solo commanders can also compete against a choice of computer-controlled adversaries in the skirmish option. ~ Glenn Wigmore, All Game Guide