Gamers wondering what it might be like to run a country get the chance to find out in Democracy. Positech's political sim, originally a European release from 2005, lets players take on the role of either President or Prime Minister of a modern, simple democracy, where one must receive at least 50 percent of the vote to remain in power. The object of the game, as in real politics, is to stay in power as long as possible, though in this Democracy there are no term limits. Players must navigate the political landscape in a turn-based fashion, with each turn serving as a three-month chunk of time within the four-year election cycle.

A complex model separates the populous into a large number of voter groups, each with its own needs, concerns, and political views. Players must put policies in place, then use sliders to determine how much money and effort are put into each program. Policies will illicit disparate feelings in the voting groups, so players must learn to delicately balance funding and support. Also governing the mood of country are significant events (strikes, protests, diplomatic incidents, etc.) and dilemmas like divisive proposed laws; all of which have to potential to sway public opinion. Democracy also makes use of a number of variables that can change the effect of policies over time, perhaps turning a popular stance into a wildly unpopular view. ~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide