As made clear in its title, this Xbox game has players bravely stalking the mighty thunder lizards that ruled the earth over 100 million years ago. This hunt is not being staged for trophies or bloodlust, however, but for a much more noble purpose: to save the dinosaurs from extinction (again). In the rugged Guiana Highlands, there seems to be a remote plateau that time has forgot. Here, many species of dinosaurs, thought to have expired long ago, still live. Unfortunately, volcanoes in the area are becoming more active and when they erupt, all life on the plateau will be in great danger -- including these last few surviving dinosaurs.

To save the forgotten monsters from complete extinction, one Andrew "Karnegee" has devoted his substantial influence and financial resources to founding the Ark Foundation (think Noah), comprising trustworthy adventuring specialists who represent the best hope of taking the anachronous animals alive and moving them to a safer place. As Dinosaur Hunting is set in the year 1910, this team includes a diverse combination of fictional characters and quasi-historical figures, such as a purported grandchild of Jules-S├ębastien Dumont and Sherlock Holmes author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

As in more traditional hunting games, players must search for signs of their prey, use tracks and other evidence to ascertain the animal's recent movements, and then determine the best way to approach and finally subdue the giant beasts. The game's pistols, rifles, and shotguns have been altered to fire "stun shells," which use a custom mix of tranquilizing agents, but finding the right formula for each target will be an additional challenge. It has been noted that wounding a dinosaur only makes it angry, so there may be wisdom in waiting for the best shot before pulling the trigger. ~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide