Dragon Age: Origins -- Awakening



Dragon Age: Origins -- Awakening (PC)

Another Tour of Dreary

by Coop

The Blight is over, the Archdemon fell, and the Darkspawn was defeated. Depending on how the first game ended, there were a number of different ways the above statement could have unfolded, but the outcome was inevitable. So is the tale of Dragon Age: Origins, BioWare's fantastic RPG from 2009 that introduced players to the kingdom of Ferelden, the developer's own take on typical high fantasy settings. Since then, they've introduced a number of different missions with downloadable content, though, for the most part, they've all fallen flat. Despite hooking players completely, the overpriced episodes were often too short, and lacking in all of the areas that made Dragon Age such a hit. Now, they've taken a step in a different direction, with Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, the first true expansion, which moves the series forward a few years to show the aftermath of the Archdemon's defeat.

According to legends, the Darkspawn should retreat into obscurity once the Archlord is slain. In past Blights, this has been the case, and there's no reason to think that the mindless beasts would continue to fight after their lord ceases to communicate to them. This, however, is not the case, and they've continued assaults, lead by a new breed of speaking Darkspawn. There are even rumors of skirmishes between them, hinting at possible factions in the otherwise mindless peons. As expected, this troubling news becomes something that the hero (be it an imported character from the original or a new Grey Warden entirely) needs to address, while attempting to rebuild the Grey Wardens. Recruiting a new party is important, as a majority of the characters from the original have moved on with their lives after helping defeat the Archdemon. In fact, with the exception of Oghren, none of the main party members return to the group, and only a handful appear as NPCs throughout the game.


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