"No one steals our chicks...and lives!" It seems that aliens have invaded Los Angeles and have been abducting the women of earth, mutating them into horrible creations. The only guy man enough to stop'em is Duke Nukem, who is back on Earth after a few months of kicking alien butt on distant planets. Instead of getting to kick back with a few beers, the trash-talking Duke's gotta take out the alien menace!

Loaded with snappy one-liners and a fierce amount of bad-ass attitude, Duke Nukem 3D on the Saturn features dozens of highly detailed, real-world 3D levels to explore, all populated with angry aliens and mutants ready to rip Duke a few new orifices. But by wielding weapons like the Devastator, the Rocket-Powered Grenade, and even the Mighty Foot, Duke's ready to stop anything that gets in his path. Level backgrounds can be interacted with as you can destroy almost anything, you can even break toilets and drink water for health! ~ Colin Williamson, All Game Guide