Dungeon Siege is an action-oriented RPG set in a rich, hand-designed 3D game world. Heroes find free-flowing, Diablo-paced combat at every turn as they move through the beautifully rendered Kingdom of Ehb. The player designs a single character, assigning (mostly cosmetic) attributes such as gender, skin tone, hair color, clothing, and a name. The character starts as a simple farmer, whose daily chores are interrupted by the visit of an old friend. He has been mortally wounded and with his dying breath, he warns that an uprising of evil has come to the land and that something truly horrible is behind it. The player's character must deliver an urgent message to the next town, or all may be lost. And so the hacking and slashing begins.

As the player's character battles her way through the first few levels of the game, her skills and abilities begin to improve according to the way she fights. Characters who charge forward with swords and axes grow in Strength and Combat Skill. Archers improve in Dexterity and Ranged Skill. Spellcasters develop their Intelligence and increase their skill level in type of magic they use. Soon, the player's character begins to meet NPCs willing to join her crusade, some out of gratitude and some for a price. There are many warriors and wizards displaced by the recent uprisings, willing to lend their talents to the good fight. Eventually, up to eight characters form the party, slaying evil creatures together as they explore the diverse landscapes.

The party travels through serene forests, dank caves, frosty mountains, dark jungles, and fiery lava flows as they cleanse the monster-infested Kingdom of Ehb. Several inventory options and behavioral settings allow players to train their characters to fight efficiently together in nearly any situation. When the Kingdom of Ehb is finally secure, entirely new worlds are available for multiplayer adventuring. Several connection options and a built-in service are designed to make it easy for all sorts of players to find companions for quick "pick-up" games and long-term cooperative and competitive multiplayer adventures. ~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide