Shiny's famous earthworm hero starred in a sequel that first appeared on the Genesis, SNES, and Saturn, which has now been ported to the Game Boy Advance. Having rescued Princess What's-Her-Name at the end of the original adventure, Jim sets out to win her heart. Just as she takes a liking to him, however, she is kidnapped by the evil Psy-crow, who intends to marry her so he can assume power over the entire galaxy. To stop this insidious scheme, Jim must travel across numerous worlds -- each more absurd than the last, with names such as "The Villi People" and "Level Ate." Alongside innate abilities such as using his body as a whip, Jim can also make use of a sizeable arsenal of weapons, including a Mega Plasma Gun, Three-Finger Gun, Barn Blaster, Bubble Gun, and Homing Missile.

Sidekick Snott aids the annelid when possible and, in fact, resides in Jim's backpack for the duration of the adventure; acting as a Snot Parachute that will slow Jim's descent or as a Snot Swing to traverse precarious chasms when the time is right. Breaking up the standard platform action are various mini-game levels. One particular level sees Jim having to rescue Peter Puppy's puppies from falling to their doom as Psy-Crow throws them out of a window. To do this, Jim must bounce them across the screen to safety on a marshmallow. Another takes place from an isometric viewpoint much like the shooter Zaxxon. As he makes his way across the galaxy, Jim encounters familiar villains such as Bob the Goldfish and Evil the Cat, as well as new ones such as Pedro Pupa. An alphanumeric password is offered to allow players to save their progress. ~ Gavin Frankle, All Game Guide