The Extreme Wintersports simulation features three types of competition to whet your appetite. Each requires different skills and timing to execute certain moves. The three competitions are snowboarding, snowskiing and snowmobiling.

Snowboarding allows you (and some friends) to participate in slalom-type racing on varying tracks. You weave your way down the slope, staying to certain sides of the flags while keeping up your speed at the same time. Of course, what would snowboarding be without some tricks and stunts to go along with it? You can pull off nose-grabs, 720s, spins and plenty of other crowd-pleasing moves.

In snowskiing, you race down a slalom course and maneuver through flags and push for the best time. You'll encounter jumps, bumps and other forms of obstacles on your way down, requiring care and caution while maintaining speed.

While snowmobiling, you get in the saddle of your very own snowmobile and zip around several courses while striving for the best time. The snowmobile races have a unique feature, just like the other events. During these races, you pick up items that increase your time and speed.

Before a race, you can enter the Pro Shop and buy equipment such as snowboards, skis and snowmobiles for your races. Additionally, you can purchase new clothes, bags and accessories for giving your competitor a good look and style. From here, you move on to the race, or start screen.

At this point, you choose the track or slope on which you want to participate. You also select whether your racer is male or female, the track options and the number of competitors. The game modes include practice, competition and multi-player gaming.

Multi-player options allow you to play against up to four people in head-to-head racing for the prize of respect. Just like in single-player action, you select specifications for each race. Extreme Wintersports includes website links for perusing merchandise and items you see in the game should you desire to buy them. ~ Glenn Wigmore, All Game Guide