Fable III

Xbox 360


Fable III (Xbox 360)

Heavy is the Head...

by Veggie Jackson

Game Fable III

Platform Xbox 360

Genre(s) Role-Playing

As good as Fable II was, it wasn’t the experience we were told we’d get.  With a severely limited online element and fewer customization options than were promised, the finished product was less robust than what many fans expected.  Fable III, with the exception of Kinect functionality, has seen significantly less “pie in the sky” declarations, leading some to wonder if the game would simply be a touched up version of Fable II.  In many ways, those fans had a valid concern, as Fable III retains many similarities to its predecessor.  Fortunately, those familiar concepts have been augmented with some innovative new ones, and while they aren’t all successful, the overall package is an impressive, if imperfect RPG experience.


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