About the only differences between Fantasy Zone and this sequel are the color palet, level progression, and the speed of the main character (who is now slower). Fantasy Zone II: The tears of Opa-Opa features the same storyline and gameplay of the original. The Menons have invaded your universe and now you, as Opa-Opa, must fight to save it.

As in the original, players have the ability to fly through levels right and/or left as each level is a continuous loop. One change in the sequel is that the first level does not end with a battle against a boss. Instead, warps appear that allow players to warp between levels at any time. For example, you can warp from the first level to another and without completing that level you can warp back to the first one and then warp to a different one.

The gold coin money system is still in place. When an enemy is eliminated they turn into a gold coin, or in some instances paper money. With this money players will be able to purchase power-ups for Opa-Opa to improve upon his standard straight shot and bombs. ~ Jonathan Sutyak, All Game Guide