Description taken from Nintendo DS version of this game

The yellow, flightless birds from Square's Final Fantasy series take on a starring role in this fanciful adventure designed for younger audiences. Players control the last of the Chocobo species, a plucky hero on a quest to free his feathered friends from the clutches of a dark mage named Bebuzzu. Bebuzzu has somehow managed to escape from his unusual prison -- an enchanted storybook -- and vows revenge on those who trapped him. Chocobos are suddenly disappearing at an alarming rate, as each bird is magically sealed within the pages of picture books scattered across the land.

The action in Final Fantasy Fables is controlled exclusively on the touch-screen, with players navigating a 3D world using their stylus. The top screen displays a map of the area, allowing players to more easily track each book. Once a book is found, players can engage in a variety of mini-games to win cards. These cards are then used in duel-style battles against a computer opponent, with three cards randomly selected from a deck of 15. Players must choose which of the three to use in combat, with each card possessing multiple attacks to deplete the rival's hit points.

Defeating enemies within the pop-up pages of a themed book will free one of the missing Chocobos and let players advance to more challenging scenarios. Yet the action doesn't end with the books. Final Fantasy Fables also includes an assortment of mini-games within the world itself. These mini-games offer the chance to earn additional cards or to win gold medals. Up to four friends can even challenge each other in card duels or competitive mini-games via local wireless connection or online Wi-Fi support. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide