Japan's acclaimed strategy role-playing game series makes its United States debut with the release of Fire Emblem on Game Boy Advance. Players will lead armies of magical beasts and mythic heroes into battle using a turn-based format. The story focuses on a young woman named Lin, who is burdened by her status as sole heir to the kingdom Rikea. What follows is epic tale of loyalty, betrayal, and honor as knights come rushing to her defense while assassins try to end her reign before it even begins.

Players will command Lin and her army while battling wizards, dragons, and more using a combination of weapons and magic. Each character under a player's command offers distinct skills that grow stronger over time. If a unit is mortally wounded, however, he or she is gone for the remainder of the game, so effective management of troops is of utmost performance. Players will guide forces along the ground as well as the air, with the latter made possible by Pegasus Knights who patrol the skies.

Fire Emblem also features a branching storyline that changes according to the results on the battlefield, with more challenging side quests becoming available after fulfilling certain conditions. Each level has a specific objective to complete before players are allowed to advance, ranging from destroying all enemies to protecting a character for a specific number of turns, with the game divided into 22 chapters in total. Multiplayer battles are also supported, with up to four combatants choosing a five-person team before clashing against their rivals. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide