Mixing elements of survival horror, role-playing, and traditional adventure games, Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon puts players in the role of a young boy named Seto, who is forced to wander a post-apocalyptic wasteland after his elderly guardian dies. Armed with only a flashlight, gamers must guide Seto through abandoned towns and dilapidated subway stations on a tireless search for fellow humans. Players move Seto with the Nunchuk controller while the Wii Remote serves as both a flashlight and a listening device, offering aural clues when gamers are highlighting an area of interest or when key events are about to take place.

There are countless items scattered throughout the world, including food, weapons, personal mementos, and mysterious objects that can only be identified when players visit a bonfire pit. Bonfires also serve as a place to organize inventory, save the game, and purchase new items from a strange merchant dressed in a chicken suit. Exploration invariably leads to run-ins with violent spirits that want to harm Seto, but gamers can fight back using a variety of stick, hammer, spear, and projectile weapons. The battles occur in real-time, and each fight helps players accumulate experience, allowing them to wield more powerful weapons and unlock special flashlights that will help Seto discover what exactly happened to the world. ~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide