As peace envelopes the population of Eden, a mysterious enemy approaches. Gith, commander of a Planet Ship, travels throughout the galaxy and steals the energy of planets while taking them over.

It's been years since Julie defeated Lord Tyler on the battlefield of the Holy Land and she has managed to put the torment of that time behind her in order to perform her current duties. It was a long journey from the Holy Land to the Galaxy of the Twin Suns and she gathered many homeless souls along the way to take back to her home world of Eden.

The colonists rebuilt their new land and, while doing so, made a discovery: the water of the new Eden is the beginning and end of all life. This has kept the colonists from aging for over 30 years and they've protected their world with a vast and powerful energy shield.

They also placed a F.A.K.K. 2 (Federation Assigned Ketogenic Killzone) hazard beacon in orbit, stating that Eden was a horribly dangerous wasteland and warning all those who heard the message to stay clear of the planet. The shield and the hazard beacon did not protect Eden forever.

In fact, now only 30 years after the rebuilding effort, the planet is currently faced with imminent danger. Gith's Planet Ship will not negotiate and does not bring peace. Julie, all too comfortable in her peaceful surroundings, must now retrain herself to save the planet from this awesome beast!

Based on the original movie, Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 adds a new adventure for the warrior Julie Strain. The game is single player and takes place within a 3D interactive environment in which you control Julie and all her weaponry.

Two meters reflect your strength during the game: health (red) and water (blue). The health meter is replenished as you pick up health vials and plants. The amount of water you have determines how far you can jump and your strength. The more Eden water you have, the better off you'll be. You can pick up water ampoules and vials along the way to restore your water meter.

Julie can select from a variety of weapons to help her in battle. Included are several swords (green, chainsaw, electrical and fire), F.A.K.K. Axe, sling, shell shield, electrical repulsion shield, crossbow, Uzi, handgun, thermal detonators, rocket launcher, Over and Under Attack Shotgun, flamethrower, Soul-Sucker and the XP-80.

When equipping swords, Julie can also equip a shield on her other arm. However, some weapons like the XP-80 (high velocity chain gun) and the sling require the use of both arms. Certain weapons are designed for better use based on their specific strategic properties.

Slings can be used to trigger switches from a distance and anything else that Strain can't reach with her arms. The thermal detonators need to be combined with creeper dung or glowing asteroids in order to provide an explosion and they may also reveal hidden areas.

Three different types of armor exist in Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2: shoulder, forearm and knee. Each armor piece will reduce the damage the hero takes by a small amount and each new piece of armor unlocks different combination attacks that she uses. Seven item types can be collected throughout the game.

Water ampoules and health plants as well as water and health vials contribute toward the overall health and strength of Julie Strain. Sucknblaugh Juice repels flesh eating Suckenblaugh plants and quest items used to solve puzzles or open doors are discovered throughout the adventure. Mysterious Tiki Heads contain secrets that must be unlocked with various Tiki Runes Julie finds during the game.

During her adventure, Strain must deal with many creatures such as Shglieks, Vymish, Grawlix, Lymphorns, Gassyerass, Dark Creepers, Flesh Binders, Happy Masks, Recruiters, Suckenblaugh plants, Soul Harvesters and ghosts. Flesh Binders, Happy Masks, Recruiters and Soul Harvesters are all evil creatures who work for the nefarious Gith.

Julie can also enlist help from friends such as Otto and Gruff. Otto is a survivor of the great war in the Holy Land and he's Eden's local handyman. Gruff is the old gatekeeper/wizard who lives in the wilds of the Mooagly Swamps and holds the key to the secrets of the planet Eden. ~ Nick Woods, All Game Guide