The hit TV show starring feisty chef Gordon Ramsay comes to the Wii as gamers compete is a series of cooking and dining room contests to see if they can become a true five-star chef. As in the show, players must learn to master all aspects of being a top-flight chef, including cooking, preparation, and service. Every meal is graded by Chef Ramsay, and as gamers progress they can unlock authentic recipes from Ramsay's personal collection. Career mode tasks players with turning their small one-star operation into a classy five-star restaurant, and then moving on to seven more high-end classifications, while Arcade mode concentrates on cooking and preparation in Diner Dash-style timed challenges. Multiplayer modes include a co-op Career with double cooking stations and a head-to-head competitive mode in which the loser gets dressed down by Chef Ramsay. ~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide