Racing fans can hit the Brickyard during the heyday of Indy racing in Indianapolis 500 Legends. Taking place from 1961 to 1971, Indy 500 Legends lets gamers race with 32 different drivers, including legends Al Unser and A.J. Foyt. The arcade-style racing takes gamers to speeds in excess of 170 miles per hour, and a full damage model means that bumping will dent panels and fiery crashes will send tires screaming across the track. "Classic" mode lets players take authentic '60s era Indy-cars like Parnelli Jones' turbine-powered car through qualifying, races, pit stops, and pass, time trial, and challenge driving missions. A newly developed "Torus" physics engine lets players use their Wii Remotes to steer though the competition, and the game also features pit-row mini-games in which players must change tires, fill the fuel tank, and extinguish flames. ~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide