Jackie Chan is the star of many kung-fu comedies and he is also the star of this game. The story starts as Jackie is walking down a path when suddenly an evil witch kidnaps his sister.

Jackie's goal is to rescue his sister but he must defeat the witch's minions first. In the role of Jackie Chan you will encounter attack birds, giant Buddahs, tigers, and lava monsters. You must defeat them all in order to face off against the witch in the ultimate showdown.

Once per level, a bell will appear. If you jump on it, you might be warped to the bonus game. The bonus game may involve punching out robots or hopping from cloud to cloud. You will get a certain amount of points for every time you knock out a robot or hop on a cloud. You can use these points to buy additional weapons, lives, or energy.

You begin the game with six energy points and two lives. You may gain more lives as the game moves along. Jackie can perform punches, kicks, boomerangs, roundhouse kicks, and many other special attacks which become extremely useful as you progress through the game. ~ Kasey Whittleton, All Game Guide