Endorsed by six-time winner of the 250cc Supercross Championship, Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 is the second game in Acclaim's motocross series that began on the PlayStation console. The man known as "Showtime" (for a successful career that started in 1989) makes his debut on the Nintendo 64 with this release.

Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 contains four game modes: Race (the single-game option where you pick your track and go for it), Series (race in a Supercross, an outdoor event or make your own championship series), Time Trial (go up against your best times) and Freestyle, which acts as the game's stunt mode.

Apart from Jeremy McGrath, players can also choose to play as Kevin Windham, Sebastian Tortelli, Jimmy Button, John Dowd, Nathan Ramsey, Greg Albertyn and Larry Ward, who are all professional riders.

Eight Supercross stadiums and eight licensed Motocross courses make up the game's racing circuits. Officially licensed Motocross courses include Glen Helen, Red Bud, Spring Creek, Motocross 338, Bud's Creek, Broome-Tioga, Steel City and Washougal. A track editor expands upon the game's sixteen established courses.

Other features include the option to customize riders and bikes, the choice of 125cc and 250cc championships, advice and tips from Jeremy McGrath himself, and the ability to view official bios for all riders. ~ Brad Penniment, All Game Guide