Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 is a title based on the sport of motocross racing, where players can compete indoors, outdoors, in tournaments or in a series of freestyle challenges. The game is played from a perspective behind the bike as you strive to place first while negotiating the various hills and turns that characterize the dirt-filled tracks.

A total of four game modes are available to aspiring riders: Race, Series Mode, Time Trial and Freestyle. Race is a contest to see who is the fastest driver on your choice of tracks; after the race is over, you can choose another track and rider or move on to another mode. Series Mode is the heart of the game, where you'll be able to embark on an Indoor SuperCross, Outdoor Nationals, Combined event or your own Custom series.

The goal in the Series Mode is to come out on top after a specific number of races -- completing each race will earn you a set amount of points needed to determine the overall winner. The number of races varies depending on the setting: Indoor SuperCross spans eight races across the United States; the Outdoor Nationals offers a series of eight races with variable weather and track conditions; Combined throws all 16 indoor and outdoor tracks together; and Custom lets you pick and choose between any of the available courses.

Time Trial mode has players trying to beat the track's best time in a series of three laps. Get the fastest time and you'll be able to save it to the VMU accessory. The final mode, Freestyle, is essentially a stunt competition where you can pull off such moves as the Can Can, No Hander, Nac Nac, Super Nac Nac and the Recliner.

Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 also features a track editor that lets users create their own courses to compete on after they have played through and mastered the 16 pre-designed tracks in the game. The editor means players can select and then rotate multiple track pieces before placing them on a grid.

Two classes of bikes are available to players: 125cc and the more powerful 250cc bikes. These bikes can be further customized in the following areas: Power (horsepower), Suspension (stiffness), Tires (hard pack, sand/mud or intermediate) and Transmission (manual or automatic). Once you've adjusted your bike to your liking, you can also create your own personal rider!

Players can edit an existing rider or create a new one from scratch, selecting such characteristics as uniform color, bike color, jersey number, and the rider's name. The game will save this information to a VMU accessory (along with created riders, series progress and time trial records).

Besides featuring the endorsement and likeness of champion Jeremy McGrath, the game features seven other professional riders: John Dowd, Travis Pastrana, Jimmy Button, Kevin Windham, Sebastien Tortelli, Nathan Ramsey and Greg Albertyn. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide