Based on the children's television series created by Mitchell Kriegman for The Jim Henson Company, Bear in the Big Blue House: Bear's Imagine That! is a point-and-click adventure that features five different activities for children ages 3-7. Today in the Big Blue House, little bear Ojo is imagining that she is world famous artist Ojo-angelo. She's run out of things to draw and needs friends to help her stretch her imagination and come up with some new ideas.

Story Maker lets you join Treelo and Ojo as they make up stories or allows you to make up a story of your own in four different settings using characters from the show. You can choose backgrounds, place stickers and record your own narration. In Bear Crafts, you're in the attic with Bear helping him make crafts using toys, tools and other items found around the house. He will make suggestions and you can also build things of your own design.

In Sundae Bar, you visit the kitchen, which is Tutter's laboratory of creation. Help him test his Mouseapult by catching flying scoops of ice cream and building sundaes or make special deserts for the characters in the house or for yourself. Pip and Pop Jam features two purple otters preparing to sing some songs but the musical medley is not complete, so you must choose words in order to help Pip and Pop finish them. Finally, in Puppet Theater, you and Ojo help Tutter put on puppet shows of famous fairy tales using characters from The Bear in the Big Blue House television series by making creative decisions regarding what happens next in the story.

As you play the various activities while exploring the Bear in the Big Blue House: Bear's Imagine That!, Ojo will get new inspiration for her art and create new drawings on her sketchpad. These can be printed for use in coloring activities away from the computer. ~ Brett Alan Weiss, All Game Guide