Players serve up knuckle sandwiches and bash in the heads of fellow high-school delinquents during a weeklong field trip to Kyoto in Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble. It seems that nearly every high school in Japan is having a field trip at the same time, and each school has a resident bancho, or head bully, intent on wreaking havoc. Gamers take on the role of Takashi Sakamoto, the reigning bancho at his school, and help guide him on a quest to defeat 47 different bullies and become the biggest badass in all of Japan. The combat is open-ended, meaning players can wander a sandbox-style environment cracking the skulls of anyone they please, but there are only seven days with which to work, so gamers need to plan ahead in order to take down every bully on the list. Battles primarily involve kicks and punches, but players can also perform a variety of throws, and trash-talking mini-games preface each rumble, with the victor gaining an advantage in the fistfight. Once a bancho has been defeated, he teaches Sakamoto a new special move, and fallen bullies can be enlisted as backup for later fights against stronger enemies. ~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide