Originally conceived as a Nintendo 64 title, Kirby Air Ride finds new life on GameCube as a racing game where players guide the pink puffball atop a floating star. As in the platform games, Kirby can absorb the magical powers of inhaled enemies, granting him new attacks and abilities to use on competing racers. Players must decide which powers to save and which to discard while zipping along the various outdoor courses populating the game. Kirby will float across rolling green hills, on a rail through space, and more while trying to attain a first-place finish after three laps. Controls have been simplified to a single button used for braking and sliding in tandem with the analog Control Stick. Up to four players can compete simultaneously on a split-screen in traditional races or in special tournament battle arenas, where the goal is to knock rivals out of contention using a variety of power-ups. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide