KO: Ultra-Realistic Boxing features over 20 world class boxers from which to choose, each exhibiting unique characteristics, plus an option to create your own fighter. Beef up in training mode where you can practice or spar with the computer and save those unique combos for later, or climb immediately into the ring with single player, championship, arcade, two player and network modes. Precise timing, movements and fast action are required to slow down your opponent with bone-crunching left jabs, timely right hooks or devastating upper-cuts and body blows. Choose from five different venues: New York, Las Vegas, London, Paris or Berlin. You can select one of three possible skill levels that provide the chance to build up your fighting prowess and the game supports force feedback to enhance the experience. Watch your stamina carefully as the fight progresses. Just as in real life, you'll need a reserve to execute that knockout punch when the opportunity arises. As your stamina level drains, your punches get weaker and slower, resulting in possible exhaustion and leaving you at the mercy of your opponent with a slim chance for a bout-ending KO.

~ Cal Nguyen, All Game Guide