While the storyline of Tomb Raider -- Legend is told around the series' traditional "tomb raiding," Lara must also adventure through modern city levels, proving her acrobatic skill set is as applicable to skyscrapers and cement as it is to unforgiving wilderness and ancient architecture. New equipment, such as the grappling hook and communication device, offer new abilities, and a number of vehicles become available along the way to use for special gameplay sequences. Lara will travel through eight side-scrolling environments as her story is told by a series of video clips, solving puzzles and collecting artifacts. Gamers can access Lara's inventory through the touch screen, and blow dust off artifacts by using the microphone. When Lara goes for a swim, both screens on the DS show her swimming downwards in an attempt to make it easier to direct her movement. Tomb Raider -- Legend includes mini-games, an art gallery, and cinematic clips to trade in the WiFi Bazaar. ~ All Game Guide