League of Legends is a game of real-time strategy combat, meant to be played online by human competitors. Through a point-and-click interface, players focus on controlling powerful hero characters, who gain strength and new abilities by earning experience in fast-paced battle, against both computer controlled monsters and one another. The game plays like a character-driven RTS, in the explore-and-destroy spirit of Battle Realms, or the hero-centric levels of WarCraft III or Empire Earth, without the resource gathering or base management as in traditional online strategy. Players take the roles of godlike summoners, who can call and control mighty warriors and monsters in supernaturally powered battle arenas. They choose from more than three dozen hero characters, all inspired by legends and archetypes taken from myth and speculative fiction.

League of Legends is host to a persistent online world, in which players can develop their characters over time and practice. Hero characters can be further customized, with selected ability enhancements and powerful equipment, purchased with the experience and gold the character earns in battle. With its RTS-style controls, its RPG-style character development, and its fantasy-inspired heroes and monsters, League of Legends looks and plays most similarly to "Defense of the Ancients," the popular multiplayer map modification for WarCraft III, in which opposing players control squads led by powerful hero characters, set on wiping one another off the map. League of Legends is the first game created by Riot Games, a studio that comprises former contributors to Blizzard Entertainment projects as well as members of the group that developed "Defense of the Ancients." ~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide