Description taken from PC version of this game

Computer gaming's luckless lounge lizard, Larry Laffer, has retired his leisure suit, put away his martini glass, and is out of the romance game for good. His nephew, however, still has a glimmer of hope. The follow-up to Sierra's long-running graphic adventure series comes to home computers courtesy of developer High Voltage Software, best known for games in the Hunter: The Reckoning series. Players take control of Larry Lovage, who not only has his uncle's receding hairline, but also his distinct talent for getting slapped whenever he's around women.

In an attempt to jumpstart his humdrum life, Larry decides to participate in a reality-dating program being taped at his community college. Inspired by the humor in such films as American Pie and There's Something About Mary, the game will have players experiencing a number of risqué and lewd plot twists through 20 levels of adventuring. Though it follows the same style of puzzles found in the first seven games in the series, players are free to explore the college campus in full 3D from a perspective set behind the stumbling seducer as he meets up with a variety of offbeat characters in his search for true love. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide