One of the most beloved PC games of the early '90s makes its way to the Game Boy Color screen in this title. Lemmings has the player indirectly directing the actions of the tiny, green-haired characters, leading them through increasingly difficult levels.

The basics of the game are fairly simple. The little lemmings will walk mindlessly forward until they reach an obstacle (or fall to their deaths!). Players must assign different skills and tasks to certain lemmings, which allow these specialists to help lead the other lemmings to the level exit. Some lemmings may be assigned to dig holes, build stairs, explode barriers, or simply direct traffic so that the others may find their way safely out of the level.

Players must place the right lemming specialists at the right places in order that the mindless masses will end up walking towards the level exit without ever having to "think" about it. ~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide