Description taken from Mobile version of this game

In Lemonade Tycoon, entrepreneurs of all ages attempt to squeeze out the most profits by taking a roadside stand and building a successful lemonade franchise, tasteful enough to consumers to earn a spot on the Lemonade Stock Market. Managing resources such as recipes and inventory, honing production skills, selecting profitable locales, and watching the weather are some of the necessary ingredients for dealing with diverse customers and maximizing investments, whether building a career or playing in 30-day Challenge mode.

Building a lemonade empire requires attention to detail, business savvy, and squeezing both lemons and customers for the best return on the buck. Lemonade Tycoon employs the innovative "Game-On" gaming concept that allows users to easily transfer games from their PC to a Palm handheld or Pocket PC and back again without losing data. Players with Internet access can upload results to the LSX (Lemonade Stock Exchange) and compare scores against players around the globe. ~ Michael L. House, All Game Guide