Designed around the unique Wii Remote controller, Madden NFL 07 features a variety of football-themed activities for single- or multiplayer action. A tutorial instructs players on how to flick the controller in ways that determine the speed and accuracy of a throw or kick, and then use this knowledge in either an NFL career or in a variety of single scrimmages and mini-games. Wii-only games include action for up to four people in such contests as "2-on-2," "Y.A.C. Attack," and "Kicking Combine." For casual players, a sub-menu is available for calling plays that are broken down by formation and type, but experienced players can still develop a plan from the full NFL handbooks included with the game. Players may create a custom character and play any position in the field during a Sunday NFL game in "Hall of Fame" mode. Players can help each other by boosting sprint speed in "Multiplayer Sprint" mode. ~ Gracie Leach, All Game Guide