Capcom continues its crossover fighting series by pitting its Street Fighter characters against the likes of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, and Hulk. Choose from eight Marvel Super Heroes and nine Street Fighters before engaging the computer or a friend in combo-heavy action set amidst animated backdrops. Gameplay closely follows the format introduced in X-Men vs. Street Fighter on PlayStation. Battle a series of fighters in succession until the showdown with bosses Apocalypse and Cyber-Akuma. Six secret characters are also included, such as Mephisto and a metallic armored Spider-Man, though most are slight variants of existing combatants.

While the tag-team aspect of the original coin-op game has been altered to accommodate the platform's memory constraints (only one character is controllable during a match), Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter for PlayStation expands on the arcade title by including multiple play modes. Practice your favorite character's moves with the Training mode, follow a specific faction in the Heroes mode, or play a version of the original game's format with the Crossover mode, where both sides fight with the same pair of combatants. Also included is the arcade game's Battle mode and a two-player Versus mode. In addition, multiple control configurations are available to simplify certain button-intensive combo attacks. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide