Monster 4x4 features a lineup of customizable trucks to compete in 40 international off-road circuits. While a quick race option exists for each unlocked track, the main aspect of play is the Monster League Competition, which features a mix of events over the course of a season. After selecting a monster truck that is rated in such categories as speed, handling, stunts, and destruction, players can enter races filled with ramps and power-ups, challenge rivals in one-on-one duels, or engage in more traditional races. Controlling the vehicle is done by tilting the Wii Remote from side-to-side to turn, and performing a variety of arm movements. Racers can perform a flip by moving their arms in a circle to initiate a somersault, or move their arms laterally to flip the car from left to right. Causing destruction or performing tricks during events will earn players cash that can be used for vehicle upgrades and cosmetic enhancements. Split-screen multiplayer support is also available in four competitive mini-games, from the sport-based Monster Soccer to the destruction-oriented Monster Combat. ~ All Game Guide